A hearse is the vehicle that’s used to carry a coffin from the family or funeral home, to the funeral service, and then onto either the cemetery or crematorium.

Our Promise is to make sure that every aspect of your loved one’s funeral is personally tailored to them, and that includes their final journey.

Whether they preferred discreet and minimalistic, or loud and flamboyant – we understand that everybody is unique and requires a personalised service.

Traditional hearses

We have a beautiful fleet of traditional black and silver hearses and in some regions we have two-toned hearses in a mix of silver and black.

Our traditional hearses are smart yet modest, and we take great pride in making sure they’re maintained to a very high standard.

We have a variety of makes available including Jaguar, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo and Vauxhall.

The standard hearse varies across the country but if there’s a specific make that you’d like, just let your Funeral Director know and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

Black fleetSilver fleet


















Alternative hearses

Increasingly more and more families are choosing to personalise their funeral by creating a unique tribute reflecting the life of their loved one, through their choice of hearse.

A recent survey we conducted, revealed that one in five people would want their final journey to take place in a vehicle that reflected their favourite hobby or pastime, with horse drawn and bicycle hearses topping the list.

We’ve also conducted funerals using a lorry, motorcycle hearse, tandem bicycle, milk float, bus, quad bike, tractor and trailer, ambulance, a converted steam train, a fire engine, and many more. 

Find out more about our alternative hearses survey.

We will always try to accommodate any requests for alternative hearses – you’d be surprised about what we can arrange for you!

Alternative hearses are a fantastic way to create a unique tribute to celebrate a loved one's life. Our Land Rover hearse, Rainbow hearse and Poppy hearse are popular choices that we have available in our fleet. 



Funeral procession

The traditional funeral procession is still popular but is becoming more personalised as families are choosing the route the funeral procession takes.

If you're driving behind the hearse as part of the funeral procession, turn on your headlights and keep a close but safe distance to the car in front, allowing adequate braking distance.

To help keep the procession together, we can provide cortege markers and flags for the vehicles following the procession to alert other motorists.

If you're using satellite navigation, please note that the route we use may not be exactly the same one as shown on the satellite navigation system.


Speak to your local Funeral Director about what we can do for you. Find their contact details here.